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Melissa is amazing. Professional and such a pleasure to work with. Melissa guided my family through a boundary fence issue between properties. This was during the height of e COVID outbreak and my wife was two weeks from giving birth to our son. Melissa worked with the other properties lawyer to come to comfortable terms for all parties.
I highly recommend Melissa representing anyone involving real estate legal disputes!

- John M.

Truly amazing. Melissa made the law understandable and she’s truly a genius at work. Truly best lawyer I had so far, her dedication for the law and her commitment to her clients make her an amazing and well trusted lawyer to work with. Will work with her again in the future.

- Jaime M.

Melissa is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate industry. She is pleasant to deal with and is creative in her solutions. She offers great value and is on top of the situation. Looking forward to working with her again in the future!

- Dennis D.

I was privileged to attend Melissa D. Mohan's excellent on-line continuing education class, "Co-op vs Condo"

In this class, her presentation was clear, concise and excellently delivered. Her power point was a comprehensive outline upon which she elaborated.

In comparing the cooperative and the condominium, Melissa covered topics which included their similarities, economic differences in financing, closing costs, monthly carrying costs, building/board requirements, subletting and rules.

Melissa was superbly organized and made the material easy to understand. Her caring manner and attentiveness to answer every question and concern were added plusses.

- Joe D.